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WHAT?!!!???? DURANGO IN VENTURA AGAIN?!?!???!!!!!!????

Yes folks that is a fact. The Durango Songwriter's Expo is once again

taking place in Ventura, CA and I will be attending once again. This time I'm

bringing a different song from my Blues EP than last time in Colorado

seeing how this one stacks up against the competition. If all goes well, I'll have another nailed down for the EP and then I can start talking about release dates, I hope. And as was the case last time, I'm hoping to meet up with the great bunch of songwriters I've gotten to know from the last two events. It will also be great to give high fives to Eric Hurt, Jarred Causly, Butch Baker, Alex Fulton, Tommy Jackson and all my other industry peeps that I met last year. It will be great to see all you guys again and pick up where we left off. And hopefully I get a chance to meet up with my man Bibi when I get there.

See you in a few weeks Ventura!!!!!!

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