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DURANGO WAS ALL THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, as a songwriter who has only done this on my own for a number of years, this was an extremely eye opening experience. I met some of the most incredible, down to earth people over this last weekend. Whether it was the new found friends I made (also future collaborators, wink, wink) or the industry pros I got to speak with like Butch Baker, Richard Harris, Katie Poole, Alex Tamashunas, and Christina Wiltshire. This was as enlightening and fulfilling of an experience as I have had in quite sometime.

Just the air of being around that many like minded people that were all so willing to invest in each other's growth and future careers was very inspiring. It obviously had to be good, because before I left I went ahead and prepaid the registration for the next event in September. As an aspiring songwriter, it felt like I had finally found my community. If you write songs and haven't attended a Durango event, you owe it to yourself.

And I have to give props where props are due. A huge shoutout to Neil Diercks. The value of his encouragement to attend this life altering event can not be expressed in words. I do believe that my career has taken a turn, and Neil was absolutely the catalyst. You have been and always will be a dear friend to me my brother.

My man Neil Diercks
Neil and I

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