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Jason Patrik Harris has never been a fan of labels. When told he had to conform to a genre if he ever hoped of being successful, he said "Watch Me." Never afraid to stick his neck out and push the boundaries, this retired Army Soldier is bringing a new kind of attitude. He wants to remind the world that Gen-X is still alive and well, and hopes you will join him for the ride.


Jason is a talented songwriter from the deep south in Louisiana. His musical influences are vast, but the rock n' roll and blues influences in his style are evident. Whether it's big vocals and larger than life guitars or piano ballads, his songwriting style delights anyone who thinks music makes the world go round.

He recently completed the Bachelor of Arts program in Songwriting and Audio Production and is currently enrolled in Berklee's Master of Arts program in Songwriting, Jason is striving to do it all from song idea to mastered recording. He has even opened a publishing company to occupy his free time.

Jason is a skilled musician. Though he is mainly known for his guitar prowess, he is quite adept on the drums, keyboards, bass, occasional violin part, or anything else he fancies he needs to make a song work. As well, he adds powerful vocal lines to his creations. He is a consummate professional in writing thought provoking lyrics, using clever metaphor and vivid imagery as the canvas on which he paints his sonic masterpieces. His audio production skills are also on full display with every new future hit he writes. A tireless studio warrior, you can always hear him working on the next great lyric, recording the next great track, and mixing or mastering the next great hit.

Jason released his first single recording in March of 2022, and he is polishing the tracks for his first EP that he will be releasing soon. In the meantime, you can enjoy some of his demo recordings that are currently in production on the Media page. So join this musical wizard as he works his magic to bring unity to our fractured world with the power of music.

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