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Jason Patrik Harris has never been a fan of labels. When told he had to conform to a genre if he ever hoped of being successful, he said "Watch Me." Never afraid to stick his neck out and push the boundaries, this retired Army Soldier is bringing a new kind of attitude. He wants to remind the world that Gen-X is still alive and well, and hopes you will join him for the ride.



I grew up in just another little town in a lower middle-class family with not a lot of excitement going on. But me, even at a young age I had a vivid imagination and dreams of doing amazing, life fulfilling things away from the circumstances of my youth. So, I would go to school, help my mother, clean my room (sometimes), and just exist. But I grew up during a time when kids didn’t hang around the house if the sun was up. We were told to get out the house and don’t come back until it’s time to eat. Thankfully, the house where I grew up was on a large piece of property owned by my grandparents. They lived in one house; we lived in another; my aunt lived next door. And periodically we would have people come through and rent out my grandmother’s studio. But there was a lot of wooded area on this property, so it was a fertile ground for a young boy to get lost in his own thoughts and imagination as he dreamed and envisioned about the future, wondering where life might take him away from his humble beginnings. Though we had many musicians in the family, and I would always hear different people practicing piano or guitar around me, it wasn’t one of them that sparked what would eventually become my lifelong pursuit in music.

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